Ongoing Stories

Spring Fever… Oh My Goodness Yes…

So we made it to April. Yay, us. Between the vaccine boosting some consumer confidence and some good old-fashioned spring fever, people are beginning to venture out again. SHEdesigns decided to open this little northwest Indiana store of ours last fall, due to some fairly “coincidental” happenings. Notice the quotation marks; I don’t really believe […]

2021… Thank Goodness…

“Happy New Year,” we say every three hundred sixty-five days. We mean it…but wow did we mean it at the end of 2020. Between wildfires and viruses, protests and murder-hornets, we were collectively ready for that three hundred sixty-five days to be done. Whew. So here we are, eleven days into the next, and surprisingly […]

Pandemic Party Planner

As a wedding and party planner during The Great 2020, a person could end the year blogging about cancellations and sicknesses. She could write about the counseling sessions held with crying brides who felt guilty but just wanted “to marry him. Is it ok that I just want to marry him? Is that irresponsible?” That […]

Plates and Dancefloors

A lot of brides think they don’t need a wedding coordinator… can’t afford a wedding coordinator… their mom is their wedding coordinator. I end up booking a lot of weddings about three months before the big day; the sweet couple (and their mamas) get off to a great start by excitedly reading magazines, starting Pinterest […]

The Wedding Coordinator: its own breed

Anyone who has planned a wedding knows and understands, after the fact, just how many moving parts there are to conducting the day. “Execution” is very scary-sounding word that, in the event planning industry, simply means “to carry out the moment-by-moment occurrences the day-of.” It takes an army to do this! Whether it’s Aunt Sally […]