Spring Fever… Oh My Goodness Yes…

So we made it to April. Yay, us. Between the vaccine boosting some consumer confidence and the some good old fashioned spring fever, people are beginning to venture out again.

SHEdesigns decided to open this little northwest Indiana store of ours last fall, due to some fairly “coincidental” happenings. Notice the quotation marks; I don’t really believe in coincedences. Let’s just say the member vendors at our little shop are some people that I met decades ago, for such a time as this. Some of the vendor members worked with me at the banquet hall I helped manage ten years ago. Some of the vendor members are new talent that I’ve had the pleasure of coming across just in the last six months. It’s all been very “orchestrated.”

My husband and I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions; instead we come up with a word that we declare and work around for the upcoming year. Our word for 2021 was “genesis”. And of course a new year always means new beginnings, but that can sound so cliche. “Genesis” is an idea that takes the notion of “new beginnings” and multiplies it times a million. It’s a distinct word that brings about visions of creation…creating…making things that were not made before.

And so we conclude the first third of 2021 in creation mode! I write, I think, I plan, I promote my brick and mortar but also the amazing vendor partners I have the pleasure of planning with. As I type, we are preparing for our Ribbon Cutting to be held on our front sidewalk this week. We are preparing for a local bridal fair that WE are planning with a local venue. Not believing in coincidences but instead realizing that all of it has been ordained, and we have had the privilege of being invited to participate in it all.

Our store/vendor collective is called Orchestrated Events.

Now you know why.

Happy Spring!

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