2021… Thank Goodness…

“Happy New Year,” we say every three hundred sixty-five days. We mean it…but wow did we mean it at the end of 2020. Between wildfires and viruses, protests and murder-hornets, we were collectively ready for that three hundred sixty-five days to be done. Whew.

So here we are, eleven days into the next, and surprisingly enough there was not a magic switch that all of a sudden changed the world. Because whether we like it or not, that part is up to US. We are responsible for being the world-changers. And that’s pretty deep coming from just a little wedding coordinator from the Midwest, isn’t it?

What do I know? Well, I guess I know how to help people celebrate. I often know how to make people laugh. In 2020, I proved to myself that I know how to do that in writing, and so I gathered notes from the many weddings I’ve done and compiled a few of them into a book. Weddings and Things: Tales From a Midwest Wedding Planner is an easy read containing forty short stories from events I’ve done over the years, and I feel like it’s full of reminders on how to celebrate moments big and small.

The introduction, for example, paints a picture of the Barbie weddings I planned with my BFF when we were six; I am now forty-six, so it’s kind of always been something I’ve done in one way or another! And my hope is that reading these fun little stories will inspire others in 2021, to tell theirs.

“Happy New Year,” says this little Midwest bridal boutique owner. She means it.